Sunday, August 10, 2014

It's been some time now, I'v been busy on Facebook which is of course not optimal, as it is controlled by every common decent mans/womans enemy - be advised and aware of that. Also the internet "as we know it" will be severly restricted latest 2016. The people that will see to this is "our own" Carl Bildt in co-operation with Zionist culprit Michael Chertoff, whom you will find entangled in 911 and other atrocities around the world - if you care to look into it. The platform as laid out by Chatham House is their chosen way to restrict and address the public - and you can be sure they are not looking into your interests. I would urge people to at least get one or two other communications up and running - if you like to be reasonably connected with reality. /A

Friday, January 14, 2011

An Inspiring Tale Of Unruly Sheep | Falkvinge on Infopolicy

On our farm in Sweden, we host herds of 150–300 Norwegian forest sheep. Their grazing area is about 25 hectares, split by a fenced-in grass landing strip for our farm plane and for guests flying in. The cool thing with the Norwegian forest sheep is that their fur is individually patterned. This makes it very easy to identify them.

So here’s the interesting observation.

The fenced in grass gradually gets contaminated and grazed down, and thus the sheep have two options:

1. Stay within the fenced-in area and make due of what is there, or

2. Jump the fence, which, if motivated, they do easily as they are well insulated by their fur in regard to the electric wire… and then graze the very rich grass on the runway.

I have noticed that it is the same individuals (about 1-3%) that consistently jump the fence — and they bring their lambs with them too. I can almost hear the roar from inside the fence how inappropriate parents the mavericks are, risking the lives of themselves and their offspring in such a dangerous place.

Now, we humans have the fuller picture over their limited habitat (as opposed to our own situation in the world). The observed fact is that it is the “cowards” that allow themselves to be controlled by custodians who are the ones in most danger. They eat less healthy food, need to graze (work) a lot more because of the lesser nourishment, and they are always subject to disputes amongst themselves over the relatively scarce resources on the inside of the fence. Also, if you don’t learn to jump fence – it can be your death when the fox enters, which he does.

How about safety from getting hit by a landing plane? That would be the main argument from the controlled flock against the mavericks, as they see it roar past now and then. As the pilot, I can assure you that I’m more concerned about not hitting them than the individual sheep are. Nevertheless, I have noticed that the sheep outside the fence are extremely vigilant and jump quickly back over the fence as soon as they spot the custodian (sheep farmer or border collie) or when a plane approaches the landing strip – they are gone in a second.

The sheep inside just stand there, often close to the fence, doing nothing. Should the plane have an accident and go thru the fence they could be killed on the spot.

Advice to sheep: For the best available freedom and safety, learn to jump the fence or at least teach your kids to jump the fence, be vigilant and sharp. Don’t listen to the mob of cowards, and have a good life, as long as it lasts.

Note: No sheep has ever been injured or killed outside the fence, however, a number has been killed by tame dogs that were (illegally) let loose inside the henge. Think about that one.

By the way: The sheep all get killed by us in the end – mavericks or cowards, no difference.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ridgemor Villa, Somerset West, South Africa.

I like to share my impressions of this excellent boutique hotel as I have had the privilege to enjoy a stay for an extensive period from mid November to mid December.

The pictures speaks for themselves, I can only add that it IS as fabulous as it looks, what is not seen on the images however, is the friendliness and familiarity you are spoiled with by the very competent staff.

This is truly a home away from home.

Situated 20 min from Cape Town International , midst the Somerset vine yards, this hotel is an excellent choice both for the independent traveler , as well as the first visitor to South Africa or the region. The hotel bus can be arranged to pick you up at the airport, and then your very reasonable cost rental car can be arranged by the staff and delivered at the hotel.

You'll have the choice of spacious upstairs rooms with fantastic thatched ceilings and fabulous views over the bay and the mountains. or on the lower floor, where access to the pool is as little as three steps - A great start of your day before breakfast, that you then can enjoy under the shadow of the vines on the veranda.
Ridgemor Villa has a perfect position, close to Cape Town, False Bay beach, the vine capital Stellenbosch with all its restaurants and vine Estates - and of course golf, golf, golf in abundance. Hermanus, the whale spotting place is only a day trip away.

Anyone plan touring the Western Cape, starting at Ridgemor Villa is the very best choice, From here you can go slow and do your excursions around the whole Cape area - and also get your protective tan organized at the pool before you start your trip down the Garden route and/or Route 62. Driving is on the left, easy, not too complicated. One have only to be aware of the large span in vehicle quality and driving skills - that's all.

I can recommend the pre-holiday month of November and beginning of December. Temperatures this year was 25 - 35, pool from 23 - up to 28. For anyone interested in Hermanus whale spotting - this is the time.
Rain rarely, and then mostly at night. 95% sunny days. Actually the few overcast days are a blessing as you need to rest from all sunbathing, tourism and golfing with a good book.

I thank Christopher Bailey and all the staff for my time here and we all invite you to share this very accessible paradise on you next trip that should of course go to South Africa. I have yet to meet the traveler that was not overwhelmed by their experiences in this fantastic country.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

Wind Powered Prius

Enginer 4KW kit förser hybridsystemet med extra elenergi vilket ¨lurar¨ hybrid datorn att proioritera eldrift. Förbränningsmotorn går heller aldrig för att endast fylla på standard hybridbatteriet så länge det finns effekt i kittet.

Är körstilen sådan att datorn ej anser eldrift en option - då har man inte mycket nytta av kittet (inte av hybridbilen heller för den delen). Om man å andra sidan kör en del stadstrafik med stop start under 48 kmh eller kan ¨coasta¨ med mycket låg effekt under 90 kmh på landsväg så är besparingen dramatisk.

15 min. motorväg och 15 min. stadskörning.

Förbrukningen för denna körningen är normalt omkring .48 - .54

Updatering 100702

Inte helt oväntat fick vi problem med installationen, det är ju ändå lite grundforskning involverad. Vi körde i 2 veckor innan ett segment batteri packade ihop. Genom Peter på AutoMek och Enginer fick vi ny controller och fyra nya batterier influgna och installerade. Under tiden fick vi låna AutoMeks Lexus RX450h i två veckor - vi klagar inte...

När vi hämtade bilen gick den perfekt - och laddade en gång utan anmärkning, men på morgonen den tredje dagen var bilen helt död.

Efter ett samtal med den extremt kunnige Peter Sarenklint på AutoMek hade vi identifierat felet till Toyotas original 12 V batteri. Vi kollade med Toyota som kunde leverera ett batteri efter en dags väntan.

Prius är ingen vanlig bil i det avseendet att motorn inte startas på 12 V batteriet utan på högspännings hybridbatteriet. Det innebär att om 12 V batteriet är kass märker man det inte föränn security systemet börjar bråka och vägrar öppna dörrar m.m. Det var just det som hände.

Hur som helst fungerar nu allt perfekt och vi körde en tur till Malmö ca: 55 km med en förbrukning på  0.32/10Km... ett tag var vi nere på 0,28. Toyota meddelar att man kommer att ha en liknande serietillverkad laddhybrid färdig för försäljning om 2 år...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vår Markvandring

Välkommen på markvandring runt Fridhems och Ängavallens ängar. V.v. Håll jagande och drivande hund kopplad.

Ängavallens & Fridhem Gård

Monday, February 22, 2010

Bloom Box - get rid of the monopolistic Grid

Information ang. affärs, miljö och energiplaner Fridhem Gaard-Three Lily Buds Södra Håslöv 6:2 & 6:6 (6:5)

Vi avser installera Proven Energy (Skottland) 3,2 KW HAWT bygglovs fri. Bygglov för VAWT är inlämnat 2009. Verken står på två olika fastigheter 6:6 och 6:2. Båda arbetar med extremt tyst teknik - permanentmagnet generatorer utan växellådor med högsta säkerhet & kvalitet, de placeras mer än 500 meter från omgivande bebyggelse - förutom vi själva och Villa Fridhem 6:5. Övriga berörda grannar är informerade och positiva.

I systemet ingår snabbladdning av två elbilar, Prius laddhybrid från AutoMek, samt en Land Rover Defender från Electroengine in Sweden AB för den Sydafrikanska marknaden.

Alla delar som avloppshantering, 60 m2 södertak, 60 m3 vattenbrunn m.m har stått orörda under överklaganden av E.ON:s framfart - och i avvaktan på en hållbar ekologisk helhetsplan - i övrigt är gården helrenoverad. Det som behöver byggas för ett komplett system skall åtgärdas ändå - ett bra läge att bygga energiautonomi.

Skulle vi misslyckas med 100% egenförsörjning behåller vi E.ON som marginalleverantör när netto debitering fastställts - vi behöver då inte fuel-cell tekniken från Bloom i detta fallet.

Välkomna att besöka oss för en kaffe och beskrivning av planerna - on site. 076 1060535.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Gone with the wind...

Gilgamesh var en Sumarisk kung och 2/3 ¨gud¨som enligt de Sumariska lertavlorna ca: 5000 år sedan eftersträvade gudarnas odödlighet. Till sin hjälp att uppnå detta slog han sig samman med sin före detta fiende och kämpe, Enkidu och gav sig ut på ett episkt fälttåg mot gudarnas försvar och mot ALLA odds. Gilgamesh uppnådde aldrig sin odödlighet, men fick gudarnas respekt och beundran för sitt mod och företagsamhet, och blev av dem i övrigt rikeligen belönad och inbjuden att leva med dem i E-DEN. Tyvärr fick Enkidu plikta med sitt liv för att han nedkämpat och förgjort gudarnas veritabla försvarsmonster - Huwawa.

The Defender is powered by two shaft mounted permanent magnet electrical motors @ together 330 hp/ 2400 Nm with 100% recharge capability. Electronically limited to normal performance with electronic anti-spin and descent control. The standard hydraulic brakes are used as back up. During repositioning the battery pack in the trailer is used, which means 2,5 times normal travel distance. The range of the car should be min. 150 - 200 Km with first set of batteries, to be improved on with a factor X2 every three years, depending of assumed new battery technology.
 All original cabin space will be preserved with normal weight and lower center of gravity (engines on wheel shafts, not as normally suspended in the chassis).

There will initially be no A/C and deep wading capabilities on the prototype.

330hp Elektrisk Defender med snabbladdvagn.

Guava International UK.
Electroengine SE Uppsala.
Boston Power US.

observera Svanen märkningen.

AutoMek SE Karlskrona.

Logivest23 SA. Ägare, samordnare och operatör.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Proven: Variable diameter high windspeed turbine

Rated Output: - 3200W (3.2kW)

Voltages available: - 12V / 24V / 48V / 120V / 240V / 300V

Annual Output: - 3,200-5,000 kWh*

Rotor Diameter: - 3.5m - 0.5m (average 1.5m)

Hub Height: - 6.5m / 11m


* Based on an ideal site and average wind speed of 5m/s


Year average wind speed in our area in southern Sweden is approximately 7-8 m/s @ 45-75m


The patented Proven Flexible Blade System enables the turbine to generate power in light or strong winds. This unique system, a combination of innovative design and the latest techniques in advanced composite technology, allows the blades to bend and flex. As the wind gets stronger, the blades twist to reduce their aerodynamic efficiency. This lets the Proven Energy turbine maintain a high output even in the fiercest storms, unlike many turbines which need to stop generating power to protect themselves at high wind speeds. The blades also regulate their speed, preventing damage if the load from the turbine is disconnected through a power cut or electrical fault.

So far all is good - but now that you got the energy - what to do with it?

1) Grid Connection (developed world solution) 
Electricity is fed directly into your fuse box or distribution board, providing power to your premises. Any surplus electricity produced may be exported to the grid and sold to an electricity provider, Convenience and the opportunity to sell excess electricity have made this the most popular option.
Sweden: This is not an option here as our otherwise said to be front runners in green energy government, think that private people should not save money on energy - and thus do not allow for net debit on the always monopoly owned grid.

2) Battery Charging (third world solution) 
Energy produced by the turbine is stored in a large battery to provide a power supply. This is most beneficial in remote locations which are not connected to the grid.
Sweden: Since the governments position is as it is, we are forced to rely on this "third world" application which make our cost double - and force the use of loads of environmentally questionable battery banks.

3) Direct Heating (third world solution)
Energy produced by the turbine is directed to hot water tanks, storage heaters or under-floor heating, rather than providing electricity to feed into your power supply.
Sweden: We are also relying on this other possible "third world" application which make efficiency minimal with lots of wasted energy through dump loads.


Sweden is a third world country in it's approach to renewable energy when it comes to private enterprise.

- if we can't tax it - we won't allow it, that is the dogma.

The only concern is optimized monopoly profits and state taxes - period.

This is why everyone know the name of the Swedish Prime Minister, the Minister for finance, and our Minister for Enterprise and Energy, but who is in firm control over environmental issues?

no one knows - or what this guys office is busy doing...

Answer: Fredrik Reinfeldt, Anders Borg, Maud Olofsson and Andreas Carlgren... 

And the winner is: 

Mr. E.ON, Dr. Wulf H. Bernotat:
"At a time when public trust in the energy industry is low, 
trust in business is an essential prerequisite for our prosperity.¨

Monday, January 11, 2010

Prius Ladd Hybrid

Enginer PHEV kit  is currently  the only product in the market that can be installed on to Toyota Prius Gens 1, 2 and 3 (1997-2010 versions ) as well as other brands such as Ford Escape, Fusion and Honda Insight, and that has been massively produced and distributed to the world market because of its advanced technology and simple structure  /  components.  The product has drawn great attention from all over the world and been distributed to numerous states in the US and to some other developed countries such as Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Japan and Korea.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

SAAB 9-3 ZE (zero emissions)

Ett svenskt samarbete med uppgift att snabbt ta fram högpresterande elbilar har formats. Energimyndigheten fattade den 10 december det nödvändiga beslutet för att inleda projektet. I år har redan två demobilar presenterats och dessa har fått ett mycket gott mottagande. Det nya projektet avser att ta fram drygt 100 elbilar redan under 2010.

De samverkande parterna är Saab Automobile AB, Electroengine in Sweden AB, batteriföretaget Boston-Power Inc., Innovatum AB i Trollhättan samt Power Circle, elkraftbranschens intresseorganisation. Dessa fem parter har visat att det finns ett unikt och konkurrenskraftigt koncept förankrat i verkligheten. Baserat på de goda erfarenheterna från demofordonen, som redan rullar sedan sommaren 2009, har nu beslut fattats om att gå vidare och utvidga elbilsprojektet.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ekberghs habitat - works for us too.

Greatest city in the world. We do not have the office, or the house in Llandudno but we are looking. We stay in Prince Albert and frequently visit Cape Town, a favorite stay is de Waterkant, quite central, where you rent a three floor house at a reasonable prize.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Set the South African record straight

A friend of mine said she was reluctant to visit South Africa because of the apartheid situation. What can I say, apartheid has been dead and buried for almost 20 years and I refer to South Africa as the world’s best democracy and a country you can truly feel real freedom in. In Sweden racism is far worse than what ever is still present in South Africa.

The transition from a apartheid ¨dictatorship¨ to a working democracy was made without bloodshed, a example for the rest of the world, were Desmond Tutu’s truth and reconciliation hearings are rated an unprecedented fifth stage civilized tribal success.

South Africa is of course still a country with huge contrasts in every conceivable way, a challenge to any political party in charge, for now it´s ANC, the colored and black majorities responsibilities.

As for crime and corruption: look in your own backyard first. In Sweden it is institutionalized. I am horrified that a ¨equal¨ and fair society that Sweden is supposed to be, show the amount of violence and crime that we have here - what is our excuse?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Well traveled dangerous liqour

In our strive to become environmentally type I citizens, we come across different issues that need to be negotiated. I work for an otherwise honorable and publicly respected airline, yet I´m not proud of all we do. Specially one thing that stand out is the hauling of heavy glass bottles of liquor around the world just because of current outdated Swedish tax legislation. A bottle of booze travel by air significantly more than you do, just for you to get it back home legally without tax. If you were informed about how this works, you would not enjoy the drink - for sure.

Roughly 1,5 kg of jet fuel was burned for each kg (one bottle) of liqour you receive. If the aircraft need to make an intermediate landing because of the weight of the tax-free load, this number will increase to about 4,5 kg. If your items also was air freighted to your departure/arrival airport, it might be yet another 1-2 kg.

Apart from being a significant load, a cabin filled with bottles represents a serious threat to passengers and crew in many ways. Continental had a severe turbulence encounter in spring 2009 and most personal injuries could be accounted to flying glass bottles in the cabin.

Bottles could be used as weapons by unruly individuals or terrorist hi-jackers. Note that you are not allowed to bring a blade or any scissors on board, but passengers may in some cases have up to 10 heavy glass bottles each. Also the liquid is mostly flammable and could add damage and reduce escape time in the event of an onboard fire.

Allowance of this system has to do with bad tradition, ignorant politicians and travelers, greedy airlines (all of them), and from an environmentally point of view, seriously flawed business idea from companies like Inflight Services - or possibly, actually probably - a combination of all five.

The solution is, as it often is in cases like this - political. I.e. allow for on-land tax-free sale at the departure airport on passengers return, and over a transition period give airlines kickback on assigned customers. Then harmonize tax legislation between countries, at least in Europe, and this and other tax-free traffic will stop or be minimized.

We believe this is already implemented in Norway.

Enjoy your flight and your drink - but please, stop this "so last year" stupidity.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jonny Depp with Letterman at his place of ignorance.

Jonny Depp probably convey most professional’s attitude to their work, only amateurs’ dwell over the result of the finished product. Does Letterman go home and spend time watching Letterman – We don´t think so… so why is he surprised?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Southplain ECO Grid - Söderslätts ECO Nät.

An afternoon convention with lunch was held at Ängavallen Gaard 14.00 24/8 2009.

On the agenda: To position our collective resources and to make sustainable plans for our future energy commitments in this sensitive area of south western Scania.

This is as sensitive nature can be - lets save it for the generations to follow.

A beautiful transformer station from a past era - Is it time to revive the ethics in power?

We fail to see the problem with wind power - specially in a municipality that very soon will wade in sea water - if we don't make some dramatic changes to former practices. Locally produced power is simple and not advanced at all.

It also make less need for the ONLY plan so far:

This is what the net owner E.ON has planned for us: a brand new jurassic style 130 KV multi-cable on 28 meter high steel monsters that they will litter the flat open landscape with for generations to come - a horrific alien that beam it's electro-magnetic high powered force fields on animal, plant, insect and man. Not good enough E.ON.

We also fail to see the problem with offshore wind parks. North Lillgrund is seen here with the Falsterbo peninsula in the background. This park is one of the most efficient in the country.

Rather than feeding power into this area, we should produce our own power, preferably by building additional municipality owned wind power at South Lillgrund. The inland feeder structure could then be maintained at present 40KV as opposed to a horrific planned 130KV.

Moderator: Anders Paulsson, ProALL - Guest speaker and consultant electro engineer Mr. Göran Gatenfjord.

Join ProALL to make change.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Byt El leverantör

Enl. SKI, har av Sveriges el leverantörer, endast Fortum och Sundsvall Energi sämre ¨Customer Satisfaction¨ siffror än E.ON - nätägarna är inte oväntat värst, och då ska man vara medveten om att en hel del av de intervjuade säkert misstar sig om vem som har leverans ansvaret för deras el.

Hitta din egen bästa leverantör och hjälp till att skilja E.ON från våra pengar:

Missnöjd med E.On? Var med i någon av våra class acts och erhåll kompensation. Gå med i ProALL här.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Great Impact - not only on Dave Carrol's Tyler guitar

To anyone that doubted that REAL public media (Internet & YouTube) could make a difference - Learn the lesson from United Airlines.
"United Breaks Guitars" could be the opening act of any and all Customer Relations Trainings. It's also a great song with a crisp and clear message.

After 50.000 YouTube hits United repented only too late - as the video has now been watched by millions and millions and also been featured on CBS, CNN, Rolling Stone and many other news channels. One Ms Irlweg at United is not too happy, and you must wonder how many executives had to go...

If your claim is fair - and you got the talent - go for it.

How appropriate to recap the J.F.K. quote: "An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it"

Dave is for his cunning resolve hereby awarded an honorable membership of ProALL.

We should make a movie on Eon, that would be easy, plenty of storyboards out there, read about some of them in the right column at ProALL.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Channel Crossing 25th July 2009

Channel Crossing in 2009

On July 25th 1909 Louis Bleriot crossed the English Channel in his Bleriot XI.

As a part of Dover District Council's official Bleriot celebration, Mikael Carlsson has been selected to recreate this flight in one of his Bleriot XI's.

More information can be found on

Photo from

Monday, June 29, 2009

World Human Population over time.

The most interesting information that did not pass as an important public school topic in my school time is the absolutely inferior importance of Europe other than just in recent time, 1800s and on. The Olmec, Mayan, Aztec, Inka societies were far larger and more prosperous in its prime than Europe, so was Asia - when it was still untouched by the Europeans.

"If we don't halt population growth with justice and compassion, it will be done for us by nature, brutally and without pity - and will leave a ravaged world."

Nobel Laureate Dr. Henry W. Kendall

Woody Allen on Population.
1979 .. Overpopulation will exacerbate problems to the breaking point. Figures tell us there are already more people on earth than we need to move even the heaviest piano. If we do not call a halt to breeding, by the year 2000 there will be no room to serve dinner unless one is willing to set the table on the heads of strangers. Then they must not move for an hour while we eat. Of course energy will be in short supply and each car owner will be allowed only enough gasoline to back up a few inches.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Truths

People will never tell you the truth, they will tell you what they want you to believe to be the truth, sometimes what they say actually is the truth - but only by coincidence that is... Have you ever worked in government or a 500+ corporation you would know. The internal communication is not compatible with what is presented to the public.

Current disinformation topics: The new world order (rich world - poor world), government controlled aid, viability of zero emission transport, food/health alarms, flight safety, corporate environmental programs, human history, real evolution, visible universe and the possible other 6 dimensions, public health-care, life on other planets, patents, free media - copyright on ideas. And most important, the way that we are controlled by "public service" TV - or commercials and stupid entertainment on the pay channels.

You can actually put up anything here; because chances are that everything you "know" is wrong. If your favourite topic is not up right now - just give it some time.

Think like this: The information on the Internet is regarded crap by the establishment because "it's not controlled and verified". Books and other published media are highly "controlled" and therefore regarded historical and source correct. Can you as we see that there is going to be change? The reality is that there IS a lot of crap on the Internet, but we also believe that there is more truth there than in the public libraries - its all about real-time dynamics and number of processors (brains) connected. Next Einstein WILL have both a blog and a homepage, and its probably there you will find the next break through - for sure.

"New truths go through three stages. First they are ridiculed, second they are violently opposed, and then, finally, they are accepted as self-evident."

Arthur Schopenhauer

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Words of John F Kennedy about security and press integrity

"An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ales Stenar (Ales Stones)

From our flight the 13th of May. photo, Philip Munts

We believe everything we've been taught to be wrong, so why trust paid professionals at Riksantikvarieambetet, they make a grave out of everything... We believe free thinker Bob G Lind has it right - ancient people were not stupid.

Astronomy is BTW the base ingredience in all religions according to this Your Tube record.

10th Dimension

See this and get less (more) confused. Cool thinking.