Friday, October 30, 2009

Set the South African record straight

A friend of mine said she was reluctant to visit South Africa because of the apartheid situation. What can I say, apartheid has been dead and buried for almost 20 years and I refer to South Africa as the world’s best democracy and a country you can truly feel real freedom in. In Sweden racism is far worse than what ever is still present in South Africa.

The transition from a apartheid ¨dictatorship¨ to a working democracy was made without bloodshed, a example for the rest of the world, were Desmond Tutu’s truth and reconciliation hearings are rated an unprecedented fifth stage civilized tribal success.

South Africa is of course still a country with huge contrasts in every conceivable way, a challenge to any political party in charge, for now it´s ANC, the colored and black majorities responsibilities.

As for crime and corruption: look in your own backyard first. In Sweden it is institutionalized. I am horrified that a ¨equal¨ and fair society that Sweden is supposed to be, show the amount of violence and crime that we have here - what is our excuse?

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