Sunday, September 28, 2008

Flying guests from Roskilde, Denmark.

The 080927 guests a
rrived at TLB airfield for Agavallens hotel and restaurant with a Super Dimona motor-glider from Roskilde, Denmark.

After tying the aircraft down at the parking east of, and behind the hangar, TLB offered a short ride in the TLB Prius to the Angavallen hotel.

In the morning we picked up our now very rested and
well fed guests for the trip back to Denmark.

After I showed the party our establishment, professor Eric Jul offered me a test flight in the Super Dimona over the Falsterbo peninsula.

- it was an impressive ride. The Super Dimona has an amazing short-field capability for a motor glider. The aircraft also totally ignored the quite high winds this day, both static - and airborne, she performed flawlessly - it was a very smooth ride.

Thanks Eric, you are very welcome back - and bring your friends...!

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