Sunday, September 28, 2008

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Our objective with this blog is to allow everyone interested in our fabulous establishment to see recent and historic events held here. This is to give you an incentive and ideas on how you, your business or your friends and family can utilize our spaces here for your own rewarding projects and events.

T.L.B. have about 700 m2 of prime space optimized for your event. A lot of things come in threes here and consequently there are three major spaces available:

  • The Restaurant/Gallery/Spa 220 m2 (heated)
  • The AteliĆ©r 130 m2 (semi heated)
  • The Hangar 240 m2 (not heated)

You can read more about this at our website and in our newsletters found there. Anyone planning for a wedding, birthday, a corporate event or just a great party should not hesitate to give us a call or contact Lisa and Mia at Inspired Minds for a full service planning of your project.

To plan your event contact us at call +46 76 1060535 or Inspired Minds at
+46 (0)709-100 111
- should you need to have your event planned and executed by professionals.

Keep in touch... Anders

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