Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fridhem Gaard @ Google Maps

Google has finally updated our neighborhood on Google Maps. The picture last published was from 2003-2004, when we still had a country greengrocery store, Swedish handicraft shop and Caf'e here. This more recent photo is from 2007-2008, we can see that from the extension of the runway that we did from 210 meters to 380.
(It’s now 488 meters, additional extension made 2008.) also the glasshouse is built but the pond is not yet in place.

The services from Google never stops to amaze me - they must have shot their engineers - and got on with their projects. Good for Google. The amount of red tape they must have had to cut through is staggering - but they got there.

Persistence - Nothing beats it!

Go check out your own place - make references on this Swedish site - and do better business for free...

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