Thursday, February 19, 2009

Get out - get well and 3 it!

Coming back to the Swedish winter from a South African three month stay:

We are now looking to stay 5-6 months in 2009-2010. The economic crises actually helps in this process.
How lucky we are to be in a position were a ¨crisis¨ work better for us than ¨business as usual¨. Maybe luck has little to do with it and long term planning with A, B, and C plans for all eventualities - is more to credit.

I know one thing - you have to be light on your feet as things change very quickly and you need to keep your balance.
Three feet helps - i.e. be active in three countries with three incomes from three ventures
- and spread your business to three banks. Be sure to take good advise (this never come for free), but even more important is not to listen to generic public information and common advise.

Our endorsed site: (Technology, Entertainment and Design) gives you a good insight in where the World and its resources are heading - Asia and the southern hemisphere.

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