Monday, December 8, 2008

IDA has a $24000 nose job done.

Recently Sten Svensson successfully removed IDA's old nose and sent it to Scandaviation in Copenhagen for a complete overhaul. She was becoming increasingly noisy and developed a thirst for oil - so a trip to rehab was prescribed.

After the procedures IDA will once again be fully commercial and available for
advertising work: towing banners for
local businesses.

The Fridhem Gaard T.L.B. runways close to the highly frequented
Scanian beaches make the concept very cost efficient for customers.

The Falsterbo peninsula is populated by tens of thousands of tourists during
the summer months.
To effectively display your message to 50 - 80 000
people would be around 3000 SEK ex. vat per flip only.

Call Anders Paulsson on 076 1060535

Pilots Wanted! - same number.

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